Annette GAtchett

Ms. Gatchett has more than 30 years of experience as an environmental scientist with the Office of Research and Development in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In that capacity she managed programs that included innovative treatment technologies, decision support tools, and human health assessments for Superfund and Brownfields programs. She managed organizations with as many as 375 Federal staff members, including a diverse group of scientists in the fields of engineering, chemistry, biology, toxicology, and hydrology, as well as economists and human resources and administrative staff. She served in many executive positions over the past 15 years, such as: Division Director, National Center for Environmental Assessment; Deputy National Laboratory Director for Management, National Risk Management Research Laboratory; Director, Land Remediation and Pollution Control Division; and the Associate Director for Technology. As the Associate Director for Technology, she managed and led the Congressionally mandated, Superfund Innovative Technologies Program, which was designed to test and evaluate innovative treatment technologies for site remediation.

Ms. Gatchett has worked with a number of environmental groups, both nationally and internationally. She is a founding member of the state-led Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council. She led the more than 25-year-old, US-German Bilateral Working group focused on sharing data and technical information between the two countries. Topics of interest range from remediation technologies and decision support tools for Brownfields sites to the more recent areas of sustainability, resilient cities, and climate change under the new DE-US platform. In addition, she served on European Union Advisory Boards and more recently as Chair for the Integrated Spatial Planning, Land Use and Soil Management Research Action Project. She participated in two remediation-related Department of Defense Technology Workgroups: the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program and the Environmental Security Technology and Certification Program. During her EPA tenure, she received a number of bronze medals, a gold medal for the Dioxin Health Assessment, the Al Gore Hammer award for reinventing government, and the Impact Award for Site-Specific Management Approaches and Revitalization Tools.