Chris Pretz

Dr. Pretz (Chris) is a Principal Statistician at Neptune and Company, Inc., where he provides analytic expertise which includes performing advanced modeling, design and analysis of experiments, and implementing various sampling techniques across a wide spectrum of scientific endeavors. Chris has a Ph.D. in Applied Statistics from the University of Northern Colorado and is recognized as a Professional Statistician by the American Statistical Association. To compliment his Ph.D., Chris has an M.A. in Physics and Chemistry Education, along with a B.A. in Physics with minors in Chemistry and Mathematics. Chris has a wide range of analytic expertise, which includes nearly two decades of experience applying complex statistical methods in the pursuit of addressing  problems across the fields of industry, government, and academia. Specifically, Chris served nearly seven years as a tenured faculty member in the Department of Statistics at the University of Wyoming, where he taught both undergraduate and graduate statistics courses and collaborated with researchers in the areas of engineering, business, sociology, biology, ecology, and education. After leaving the University of Wyoming, Chris was the Director of Statistical and Methodological Core for the Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems National Data and Statistical Center, where he played a key role in revolutionizing the types of analyses being conducted and secured external funding from government agencies including the NIH, HHS, and DOD. Chris has additional experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. When he is not doing (or thinking about) statistics, Chris loves spending time with his family and exploring the great outdoors.