Kate Catlett

Dr. Catlett has over 10 years of environmental modeling, statistics and risk assessment experience for clients such as U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Defense, Montana Army National Guard, Nevada Department of Environmental Protection and EnergySolutions. Her experience includes collaborating on development of probabilistic models for UXO risk assessment in the Helena Valley and for radioactive waste disposal contaminant transport and risk assessment in Nevada, Georgia and Utah. In addition, she has performed and interpreted exploratory data analysis for a variety of environmental applications, including geophysics data for MTARNG and chemical contaminant concentrations on land and in water for the US Navy and DOE. She is proficient in geochemical solubility and adsorption modeling and has reviewed many technical reports as well as data validation summary reports. Most recently, Dr. Catlett is managing the sampling strategy for munitions and explosives of concern (MEC) and munitions constituents (MC) at Ft. Missoula and Ft. Harrison and is participating in the development of a Strategic Long-Term Management Plan for UXO in the North Helena Valley. She has a wide range of environmental experience, working successfully with people from a variety of backgrounds and organizations.