Kevin Hull

Mr. Hull has more than 30 years of experience in the management of major Federal government programs, including 24 years as a specialist in the area of the development, implementation, and assessment of quality management systems. For six years he served as Deputy Director of EPA's Quality Assurance Management Staff (QAMS—now the EPA Quality Staff). Mr. Hull has established a national reputation in the areas of quality management and strategic planning. While serving as QAMS' Deputy Director, his special emphasis was on the creation and implementation of EPA's successful quality assurance training program, and he was involved in the early development of the Data Quality Objectives (DQO) Process. Since leaving EPA, Mr. Hull has focused on using the technical and management tools of the quality field in support of a variety of government and private sector clients facing difficult issues related to information management, environmental restoration, homeland security, risk assessment, groundwater monitoring, and watershed management. Mr. Hull has conducted training courses on the DQO Process and related subjects at locations throughout the country. He has also supported a variety of Federal agencies in the development and implementation of Quality Systems for complex technical processes.