Kristin Broms

Kristin Broms is an applied statistician with ten years’ experience analyzing ecological and environmental data. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics from Dartmouth College, Kristin continued her education with a Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Quantitative Ecology & Resource Management (QERM), a program at the intersection of the University of Washington’s world-class statistics, applied math, fisheries, and biology departments. Her areas of expertise include Bayesian hierarchical models, dependent data with spatial and spatio-temporal correlations, multivariate responses, survey design, and programming in R.

Kristin joined Neptune in October 2016. In her previous positions, she developed new methods to estimate population abundances and predict species distributions, and developed a long-term monitoring program for native fishes in Colorado. Kristin enjoys building strong relationships with clients, communicating statistics and statistical findings to diverse groups, and undertaking new and interesting projects.