Los Alamos National Laboratory Watershed Investigations

Los Alamos National Laboratory operations are primarily conducted on finger-like mesas that comprise the Pajarito Plateau on which the Laboratory is situated. The canyons that cut the plateau into mesas have a combined length of approximately 110 miles and have received direct and indirect contaminant releases from operations on the mesas. Neptune and Company, Inc. is a member of an interdisciplinary technical team responsible for developing and implementing the approaches to these watershed-scale investigations. We have supported these investigations since 1996 by developing work plans, sampling plans, phased investigation analyses, ecological and human health risk assessments, and providing report writing, editing, and composition. This work involves investigation and evaluation of potentially contaminated sediments, surface water, groundwater, and biota and includes field scoping visits, work plan development, and report writing. We assist with data assessment activities, including statistical and risk analysis, detailed data validation, and report preparation for these watersheds.