Megan Higgs

Megan Higgs is a statistician with a broad background and over 15 years of experience. Megan earned her M.S. in Statistics from Oregon State University and her Ph.D. in Statistics from Colorado State University, all while keeping her connections to biology and the environmental sciences. Megan spent 8 years as a professor of Statistics at Montana State University where she taught a variety of courses, but mainly a graduate level course in  Bayesian statistics and general statistical methods and inference courses to mainly graduate students Land Resources and Environmental Science, Ecology, Animal and Range Science, and Earth Sciences.  Therefore, she has years of experience teaching the fundamental concepts of statistical inference to researchers in a wide variety of disciplines.  She has also collaborated with many ecological and environmental researchers.  Megan has a strong background in Bayesian inference, spatial statistics, and computational statistics and is passionate about using her expertise to work on environmental problems.  She is currently interested in Bayesian decision analysis, problems involving multiple spatial and/or temporal scales, and adaptive sampling methods.  She also believes statisticians, and scientists in general, should spend more time considering the philosophical and general practice issues involved in using statistical inference to inform science and management.  As the 2016 chair of the Section on Statistics and the Environment (ENVR) of the American Statistical Association (ASA), she will encourage statisticians to play a more active role in decision making, dissemination of statistical information to the media and public, and to promote appropriate use and justification of statistical inference.  Megan joined Neptune & Company part-time in February 2016 and will work full-time starting April 2016.