EPA Policy Management

Neptune and Company, Inc. provided technical and policy management support to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Office of Environmental Information (OEI) in their efforts to develop a robust information technology (IT)/information management (IM) policy management program. Neptune managed, performed and completed numerous tasks including research on the external EPA policy website, quality control on the internal EPA policy website and development of a policy information website for policy writers and EPA staff. 

We designed the policy information website to provide critical information about the Agency’s IT/IM policy history, framework, newly developed and implemented chief information officer (CIO) numbering system, and general policy processes. In addition to the original site, Neptune also created several modules for this website providing a wealth of information regarding senior information officer and information management officer responsibilities, guidance for implementing IT/IM policies, and instructions for obtaining an IT/IM policy waiver. These modules were the culmination of months of research investigating the current waiver process; studying all IT/IM policies, procedures, standards, and guidance (CIO 2100–2199) on the OEI internal and external policy pages; and working with the OEI Policy Workgroup to include documents and tools to support clients interested in better understanding officer responsibilities, implementing IT/IM policies, and the IT/IM policy waiver process. 

As a result of performing the numerous IT/IM management support tasks for OEI, we have a unique understanding of the inner workings of EPA's IT/IM Policy Management System from high-level concepts surrounding the policy process and its implementation, to an in-depth knowledge of the CIO policies, procedures, standards, and guidance (2100–2199) of the Agency's Directive System.