Phil Conley

Phil Conley is an Environmental Chemist located in Findlay, Ohio. Mr. Conley came to Neptune and Co., Inc. in July 2018, bringing with him more than 20 years of experience evaluating environmental test data. These evaluations determined the validity and defensibility of reported results in accordance with established data quality objectives (the DQO process). Most of these evaluations were conducted for the USACE Rapid Response (RR) program. Phil started out as a field chemist collecting samples for remedial sites under the RR program. He advanced his career as a project chemist, performing analysis of samples in a mobile laboratory (VOCs, SVOCs, metals, waste characterizations, and PCBs), writing quality assurance project plans, drafting site-specific work plans, and subsequently drafting the technical approach for the Rapid Response V proposal (which was awarded). Mr. Conley received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Hazardous Material Management from the University of Findlay.