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Links of general interest

Old IAEA document(s):

Here are some DOE files:

  • DOE/EM-0319 Linking LegaciesConnecting the Cold War Nuclear Weapons Production Processes to Their Environmental Consequences, (PDF format, 27 MB)
  • And the poster! DOE/EM-0319Linking Legacies POSTER: This is the often-missing poster that is a great aid in understanding this document. Thanks to University of Iowa Digital Library Government Posters Collection for making this available. (They also sent to me a TIF image that is 200 MB, if you are interested.)
  • The 3-volume Disposal Working Group Performance Evaluation is a comparison of the performance of DOE radioactive waste sites across the complex, commissioned by the National Governor's Association in 1994 (DOE/ID-10521 and SAND96-0721):
    • Vol. 1Executive Summary (PDF format, 3 MB)
    • Vol. 2Technical Basis (PDF format, 14 MB)
    • Vol. 3Site Evaluations (PDF format, 54 MB)

Here are some EPA documents useful in dose assessment:

  • FGR 11, aka Federal Guidance Report 11, or Eckerman et al. (1988) for inhalation, ingestion, and submersion
  • FGR 12, aka Federal Guidance Report 12, or Eckerman and Ryman (1993) for external irradiation

These CFR files are worthwhile, because the GPO access site breaks them up into separate chapters. Here, I have reassembled them for your convenience:

And of course, documents from NRC: Not all NUREG documents are available from NRC's reading room, such as the following:


  • Another (previously) hard-to-find reference, provided courtesy of David Kocher: 
    Radioactive Decay Data Tables (Kocher, 1981), (PDF format, 6.6 MB)


  • An interesting paper concerning the (in)effectiveness of institutional controls: 
    Applegate and Dycus, 1998, (PDF format, 6.3 MB)


  • Something of less than general interest, my PhD dissertation is available in two forms: 
    Porous Medium Advection-Dispersion Modeling in a Geographic Information System (Tauxe, 1994) The dissertation is scanned from the original and slightly reformatted, and the code Appendix is omitted (14.9 MB PDF)
    Also available as CRWR* Report 253 , scanned from the original (14.8 MB PDF)
    *Center for Research in Water Resources, UT Austin

    And even the bulk of the ShowFlow Master's Thesis as PDF:

  • ShowFlow, A Practical Interface for Groundwater Modeling (Tauxe, 1990)

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