Warren Houghteling

(505) 662-0707 x14
Los Alamos, NM

Warren Houghteling, Software Developer.  As an engineering manager and technical lead, Warren has created project plans encompassing all phases of development from design specification through installation and maintenance, practiced risk management in a dynamic environment, and created and managed schedules for multiple simultaneous development projects.  He has also collaborated in coordinating multi-site development efforts, including groups in the United States and Belgium, built and managed cross-functional project teams, and led projects using a mix of platforms (Windows x86, Solaris Sparc, Linux x86, AIX RS6000) and technologies (C++, C, Java/JNI, Perl).  Warren has a special interest in improving productivity by implementing "Agile" development methodologies; at Scansoft, Inc., he introduced his team to the Scrum development methodology and achieved significant improvements in team morale and efficiency.

As a software developer, Warren has consistently demonstrated the abilities to quickly master new skills and technologies and to work as a team player in highly dynamic collaborative environments. His strong design, development, and debugging skills are complemented by excellent verbal and written communication skills. He has experience with a wide variety of platforms (Windows NT/2000/XP, Solaris Sparc, Solaris x86, Linux, AIX RS6000, SCO UNIX, Unixware, DEC UNIX, VxWorks), programming languages and frameworks (SQL, XML/XSLT, apache cocoon, C , C++, Java/JNI, Perl, Visual Basic .NET), databases (postgres, mysql, MS SQL Server), tools (Eclipse, NetBeans, Subversion, ANT, Visual C++ 6.0, Visual Studio .NET, gcc, gdb, gnumake, BoundsChecker, Purify, Sun Workshop Compiler, ClearCase), and development methodologies (Scrum, Extreme Programming, Agile Development Methodologies).