Improving the Quality of Environmental Decision Making


Scientists at Neptune and Company, Inc. (Neptune) apply state-of-the-art methods in quality assurance, data science, and risk assessment to find technical solutions to difficult problems. Whether you are a private, non-profit, or government organization, we partner with you to produce practical, defensible, cost-effective solutions in the arenas of energy, environment, health, food, and climate change.



Radiological Performance Assessment

Neptune is recognized as a national leader in performing performance assessments to evaluate the potential long-term fate and risk associated with storing nuclear waste, as required by DOE Orders. Our experts design fully probabilistic models so that uncertainty is managed, sensitive parameters can be identified, and data collection activities can be designed to effectively reduce uncertainty. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has endorsed Neptune's style of modeling.

Decision Analysis

Neptune’s experts in decision analysis and risk management can help inform even the most complex and difficult decisions. Neptune employs an analytic-deliberative structured approach to decision making that integrates science with values and preferences. This approach facilitates transparent and defensible decision making, integrating Environmental Modeling, Environmental Statistics, Risk Assessment and Quality Assurance.

Environmental Modeling

Neptune integrates exposure modeling and toxicology with environmental transport modeling in a decision analytic framework to develop more realistic conceptual models of contaminated sites and relevant environmental processes that lead to potential human exposures and health effects.

Environmental Risk Assessment

Neptune has the personnel and experience to quantify exposures and health effects at sites where chemical and/or radiological contamination is present in the environment, and to estimate adverse effects on the environment from chemical or physical stressors in any type of environment and any size site.

Environmental Statistics

Neptune has statisticians with extensive experience and knowledge in the technical disciplines of theoretical and applied Bayesian and frequentist statistics and Classical statistics. Neptune has pioneered application machine learning in the environmental modeling arena.

Quality Assurance

Neptune has extensive experience in QA from project planning to post-data-collection. We provide expertise in analytical method development and evaluation, including validation studies. Neptune provides detailed planning and data analysis expertise for routine and innovative environmental projects.  Neptune designs defensible project plans for compliance-related projects as well as optimization and decision analysis endeavors.