Quality Assurance

Neptune and Company, Inc. provides custom solutions in the area of quality assurance (QA). Quality assurance is a critical Business Risk Management and Assessment Operation.  We work directly with our clients to craft customized quality management systems and technical-level QA activities so that they can proactively identify any business risk and take appropriate steps to minimize or control it. At the management system level, our strategic planning provides the architecture to improve operation efficiency and to achieve timely delivery of products and services. We also help organizations develop the steps and tools required to make sound environmental decisions. Neptune and Company's expertise in planning, survey design, statistical and chemical analysis, risk assessment, ecology, environmental modeling, training, and assessment allows us to look at a program/project from the top down or bottom up and provide appropriate technical expertise in the critical areas. Our capabilities include the following:

  • Develop scientifically defensible work plans, sampling and analysis plans, QA project plans, and other documentation to integrate QA/quality control (QC) activities with project/facility objectives. We have extensive experience linking data quality objectives (DQOs) with measurement requirements.
  • Develop, implement, and maintain analytical programs and assess and audit analytical laboratories for routine and specialized projects.
  • Develop and assess laboratories and facilities against ISO Standards including ISO 17025.
  • Provide Performance Evaluation study protocols.
  • Design Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) formats for client specific architecture and requirements.
  • Assess environmental technology against quality specifications and efficacy.
  • Assess data usability and provide routine and focused data validation.


Specialty areas include: