Statistical Consulting

Neptune and Company, Inc. provides a multitude of consulting services in statistics and decision science to both government and private clients across a wide variety of industries. We have specialized training, over 20 years of experience, and extensive knowledge in the technical disciplines of theoretical and applied Bayesian and frequentist statistics and Classical statistics, which truly makes Neptune a center of excellence in this arena.  A unique aspect of our company is the ability of each of its members to communicate complex technical concepts to non-technical audiences. We have worked in collaboration with scientists, regulators, attorneys, risk managers, and waste managers as well as various individuals in the fields of biology, ecology, engineering, chemistry, climate change, geology, and mathematics.

Currently we are involved in a variety of projects for both government and private clients across the U.S. and Europe.  Projects range from conducting data analyses to developing cutting edge solutions that link advanced statistical theory to user-friendly open-source web-based decision support tools.  Although specific examples of our expert capabilities are provided below, we frequently develop customized solutions depending on a particular client's needs and project goals.  

Selected Projects

  • We build fate and transport models and risk assessment models at a systems level using the probabilistic framework program GoldSim for various government and private clients.
  • We have built custom decision support tools, using rigorous decision analysis techniques, for issues ranging from brownfields development to food contamination.
  • Development of Guided Interactive Statistical Decision Tools (GiSdT).
  • Implemented GiSdT to evaluate the monitoring data at the Umatilla Chemical Weapons Depot.
  • Statistical support for the BMI Complex Project located in Henderson, Nevada and development of an integrated GiSdT-database website for geospatial data visualization and statistical analysis.
  • We are faculty members of and provide online statistics training courses through
  • Served as expert witnesses in various cases, for both plaintiff and defense teams.
  • We were involved in a collaborative project with statisticians and physicists at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) entitled “Monte Carlo for the 21st Century.” We developed new simulation algorithms and estimation techniques for obtaining thermodynamic properties of various physical systems.
  • We provided statistical analyses in support of a human health risk assessment at the Cerrillos Hills Historical Mining Site for the New Mexico Environment Department.
  • We performed statistical analysis of environmental data to support site decision making, including calculation of contaminant exposure concentrations for human health and ecological risk assessments for the LANL Environmental Restoration Project.

Related services that we offer include: