Human Health Risk Assessment

Neptune and Company, Inc. has a team of health professionals, modelers, and statisticians to support human health risk assessment, including board-certified toxicologists. We apply appropriate risk assessment tools to support all phases of environmental decision making, including:

  • Calculation of site-specific risk-based screening values and performing screening level risk assessments under applicable regulatory guidance;
  • Asbestos risk assessment;
  • Performance of probabilistic human health risk assessments;
  • Application of a toolbox of contaminant transport models (e.g., Multimed, MEPAS, HELP, RESRAD, MODFLOW, ArcInfo GRID, HSSM, USGS MOC) to support risk assessments;
  • Development of project-specific contaminant transport and risk models to support risk management decisions at complex sites;
  • Integration of risk assessment with performance assessment of radioactive and other hazardous waste;
  • Analysis of relative risk associated with remedial decision alternatives;
  • Integration of risk assessment with decision analysis;
  • Determination of data needs using risk assessment integrated with value-of-information analysis; and,
  • Toxicological evaluations.


Sample projects include the following: